Edwards Crossing over South Yuba River


The Nevada County Department of Public Works is currently studying whether to rehabilitate and strengthen the existing one lane Edwards Crossing over South Yuba River or construct a new two lane bridge adjacent to the existing bridge. The goal of this project is to provide a crossing with no structural deficiencies and with sufficient load capacity to support emergency fire protection vehicles, while minimizing impact to the aesthetic and historical characteristics of the bridge.

The bridge is located at North Bloomfield Road and spans the South Yuba River in the South Yuba Wild and Scenic River Recreation Area, which encompasses the national South Yuba River Trail.

Bridge History

The Edwards Crossing Bridge spanning over the South Yuba River was built in 1904. The bridge is a steel truss arch with a timber deck supported on concrete piers. The bridge has a total length of 168'-0" and a width of 12'-6". The bridge is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

The structure is currently rated Structurally Deficient. The paint on the bridge has deteriorated, leading to surface rusting. The existing railing has been damaged at various locations. There are deficiencies in the existing timber deck, including cracks and missing hardware.

Scope of Project

As part of this project the following items will be addressed and options considered:

    Rehabilitate and Strengthen Option

  • Repairing the existing bridge deck
  • Repairing damaged railing
  • Strengthening existing concrete truss supports
  • Stabilizing approach embankments
  • Restoring paint to its original historic color

  • Bridge Replacement Option

  • Construct a new 2-lane bridge upstream from the existing bridge
  • Retain existing bridge for pedestrian use and historic preservation
  • Add a parking area

Schedule/Status of Project

December 2014Contract awarded to Dokken Engineering to study design alternatives and environmental approval
April 2015Surveying of road & creek
Summer 2017Temporary slope stabilization
June 2017Complete Feasibility Study of Options
August 2017Finalize rehabiliation concept
August 2017Public Meeting August 30, 2017 - 6pm to 8pm at Board Chambers
September 2017Begin environmental studies
February 2019Receive environmental approval
May 2020Begin construction
November 2020Complete construction

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Hankins
(530) 265-1254