McCourtney Road Bridge at Rock Creek


The Nevada County Department of Public Works replaced the existing McCourtney Road Bridge at Rock Creek. The new bridge has been designed to current standards while maintaining the rural feel of the road. Gravel road approaches were used to match the existing situation and the existing 15' width was maintained to retain the single-lane bridge aesthetic.

The bridge is on McCourtney Road just east of Camp Far West Reservoir.

Bridge History

The McCourtney Road Bridge at Rock Creek was built in 1950, and was rated as structurally deficient.

The new bridge was completed in November 2017 with an upgraded railing and hydraulic capacity.

Schedule/Status of Project

  • The Environmental Documents were approved in May 2016.
  • Right of way acquisition was completed in January 2017.
  • Construction completed in November 2017.

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Perkins
(530) 265-1712