Purdon Road Bridge at Shady Creek


The Nevada County Department of Public Works is replacing the existing Purdon Road Bridge at Shady Creek. The new bridge is designed to current standards and will span over the creek to minimize impacts. The old structure was rated as Structurally Deficient.

The bridge is located on Purdon Road near Tyler Foote Crossing Road.

Bridge History

The Purdon Road Bridge spanning over Shady Creek was built in 1945, widened in 1956 and strengthened in 1975. The existing bridge is constructed from steel girders with timber decking. The bridge has a total length of 47'-0" and a width 15'-0". Rock abutments support the bridge deck and approach roadway. The bridge was strengthened in 1975 by adding a slanted steel pier that separates the structure into two spans measuring 11' and 36'.

Scope of Project

As part of this project the following items will be addressed:

  • Replacing the existing bridge with one that meets current standards
  • A temporary detour crossing will be constructed over Shady Creek to carry traffic while the replacement bridge is constructed in the same location as the existing bridge
  • The alignment of the road will be restored upon completion of the new bridge

Schedule/Status of Project

Construction started in July 2018 and is underway with completion anticipated in the late fall of 2018.

Project Documents

Purdon Road Bridge IS/MND Report

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Hankins
(530) 265-1254